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Overview - Company Background
What izzit?
Company: izzit.org
2002 Filmore Avenue
Erie, PA 16506
(814) 833-6950
Description: izzit.org is a 501-c-3 not-for-profit educational initiative offering engaging teaching units that encourage thoughtful consideration and critical thinking skills around civics, entrepreneurship, economics, the sciences and other philosophical perspectives that have proven to improve people's lives. Currently more than 300,000 classroom teachers and homeschoolers employ the videos, current events lessons, teaching units and fresh ideas from the website to generate stimulating and meaningful classroom and at-home dialogue among students, teachers and parents.
Founded: 2006
Executives: Bob Chitester, President/CEO
Tara L. Schupp, Chief Operating Officer
Susan Gable, Director of Education Curriculum
Curriculum: izzit.org educational materials are designed to stimulate thoughtful discussion and respectful debate about issues and events. The materials encourage a healthy skepticism about authoritative claims, so that students learn to seek out evidence rather than accept assertions. In this way, young people develop the ability to use reason and common sense to evaluate the information they will encounter throughout their lives.

Educational Videos
Educators can select from a wide variety of free educational videos covering such subjects as business, economics, language arts, health & physical education, mathematics, music, art, science & technology, U.S. and world history and geography and more.

Teacher Tools — Support Materials
izzit.org's video-centered teaching units include a variety of supporting educational resources, with full teacher's guides that include free worksheets, lesson ideas, discussion questions, and more. izzit.org also provides teachers with the relevant educational standards regardless of what state, grade level, or subject area being taught.

Current Events Lessons
Current event lessons are updated daily throughout the school year and are designed for middle and high school students. Each lesson includes a news article, vocabulary words and discussion questions. In an attempt to offer variety, the two daily articles often are of different lengths and reading levels and occasionally offer different perspectives on an issue or event. Each new lesson remains on the website for one week, and are archived for the school year.

Student Zone
izzit.org offers a webpage for middle-high school students to find assignments, links to the daily Current Events articles, resources for DVDs, games, and more. Students access this using the Class Code assigned to their educator. K-5 grade students will find videos with accompanying People/Places/Events teaching materials, games and activities.

A variety of contests, are hosted by izzit.org to acknowledge and reward the hard work of educators.

Online Resources
The team at izzit.org provides an up-to-date list of online resources for teachers to obtain more information about a variety of subjects.

izzit Web Store
While each educator who signs up as a member of izzit.org receives one free Teaching Unit each year, a wide selection of additional Teaching Units are also available for purchase at the izzit Web Store.
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