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Format: DVD
Length: 88:00 Minutes
Grade Level: 7-12+
Closed Captioned
Subtitled in English and Spanish

Price: Not Available for Purchase
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Cool It!
Cool It! is based upon the book of the same name and lectures by BjÝrn Lomborg, the controversial author of The Skeptical Environmentalist. Award-winning filmmaker Ondi Timoner travels the world with Lomborg, exploring the real facts and true science of global warming and its impact. Lomborg is the founder and director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, a globally-respected think tank that brings together the world's leading economists to prioritize major global problems - among them malaria, the lack of potable water and HIV / AIDS - based upon a cost/benefit analysis of available solutions.

Cool It! covers numerous educational standards across several subject areas including Language Arts, Media/Technology, Science, and Social Studies for Grades 7-12. To find which standards it covers specific to your grade, subject area, and which standards your district is using, use our Standards Alignment tool.
Subject Areas:
Business / Family & Consumer Science
Science & Technology
World History / Geography
Climate Change
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Public Policy
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