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Running a Flipped Classroom?

Need something for your students to do
with their devices?

Have them take our online quizzes!

Our system automatically scores them for you!

Logging In

First, you must be logged in to your free izzit.org account, and you must set your classes up. (Directions and actual setup can be found here.)
Then, your students will log in to izzit.org through the Class Code which you can find on your My Account Page.
Once your students log in to THE STUDENT ZONE, they will click the Quizzes button.

Taking the Quiz

Students will select first which class they’re in, and then their name or ID # — depending on how you set up your classes. Then, they can simply chose the (hopefully!) correct answers to the questions.
There’s also a short response question for them to answer.

Getting the Results

Your students, once they hit submit, will get IMMEDIATE feedback on how they did. They can also print out their quiz if you’d like to have them print it and hand it in to you on paper. (Print button in upper right corner.)
To see how your entire class did, go to your MY ACCOUNT page, and click "quizzes."
You’ll click on EXPORT Quizzes, then select which class and quiz you want data for. Then hit EXPORT. You’ll download a spreadsheet with your class average, and each student’s score, along with their short response essay.

Give them something to do with their tech devices!
Get them to watch an izzit.org video, and take one of our online quizzes!

Ready to get started? Make sure you’re logged in, and go HERE.

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