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Being listed on this page does not constitute endorsement by izzit.org. As always, we recommend teachers use their judgment about what’s suitable for their students.

1.  50 Core American Documents - Downloadable PDF of 50 important American documents, including the Declaration of Independence, Gettysburg Address, and 48 others!

2.  CIA World Factbook - A wealth of information about geography, people, government, economy and more for every country in the world.

3.  Fasttrack Civics - Famous documents, PowerPoint presentations, and other resources for civics and economics teachers.

4.  I, Pencil - Classic essay illustrating the "Invisible Hand" of the marketplace and the role of the price system in communicating information.

5.  National Council on Economic Education (NCEE) - Nationwide network that leads in promoting economic literacy with students and their teachers.

6.  Common Core- This website documents the complete Common Core.

7.  Common Sense Economics - Field-tested economics materials focused on experience-based learning, covering all 20 National Voluntary Content Standards for economics.

8.  Econlife.com – A blog featuring interesting economic topics. Make economics interesting!

9.  Economic Freedom Network - Fraser Institute, the group that compiles the Economic Freedom of the World report.

10.  Economic Freedom of the World Project - Measures and compares economic freedom in 141 nations; promotes economic freedom around the world.

11.  Federal Reserve Education – Resources for the classroom, including lesson plans.

12.  Federal Reserve of San Francisco’s American Currency Exhibit – This exhibit showcases examples of currency throughout U.S. history.

13.  FEE – Foundation for Economic Education – Learn more about economics – online library, seminars, and more.

14.  High School Economics Topics - Covers all of the key economics concepts common to all U.S. state requirements for high school classes in economics.

15.  How the Market Works – A free stock market game to help you & your students learn how the market works.

16.  iCivics – Fun online games that reinforce civics concepts!

17.  Index of Economic Freedom – See the countries of the world ranked according to economic freedom.

18.  Invisible Heart - Using economics to get the most out of life.

19.  National Center for Constitutional Studies - For inexpensive copies of the US Constitution.

20.  Peace Through Commerce - Promotes understanding of the power of economic freedom, prosperity, entrepreneurial initiative, and trade to advance peace.

21.  PolicyBot - Search research, reports, articles, policy briefs, etc. via keywords, authors or publication dates.

22.  Stossel in the Classroom - Offers an annual free DVD for teachers featuring some of John Stossel’s reports.

23.  Switch Energy Project - A documentary that explores all avenues of energy production. Teachers can request a free DVD of the movie here.

24.  Ten Key Ideas - Opening the door to the economic way of thinking.

25.  The British Museum’s Money collection – Explore a collection of money from all over the world.

26.  Transparency International - Global civil society organization challenges corruption around the world.

27.  U.S. Electoral College - Everything you ever wanted to know about the electoral college.

28.  The Year the Music Died - Book by Dwight Rounds. Available for teachers for FREE, including free shipping. Email author Dwight Rounds: DwightRounds@gmail.com, and tell him izzit.org sent you!

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