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I noticed the streaming of Izzit over the summer and was extremely impressed! I plan on using a lot more of the material this school year.
Joann, 9-12th grade Special Education, Math & Science, PA
I am loving all the changes like streaming videos and the Pups of liberty activity book. I am sharing info about your site and program with all the other mommies in our homeschool groups. I have found your program to be a wonderful asset to our lesson plans.
Jessica, Homeschooling K-12th all subjects, NV
I showed the video to a combined class of students in 8th grade. I was stunned how many questions they had just on the initial viewing. They asked if we could use it again and were there any other videos like this one
Todd, 8th grade History, AR
I feel it is important to expose my rural 12th grade English students to current events. I have found the izzit.org current events an invaluable tool to do so. The topics are timely, require little advanced preparation and make learning relevant.
Jim, 12th grade English, NC
The video made it so much easier, and much more fun, to teach an economic lesson.
Leslyn, 6th grade Science & Social Studies, MS
I have googled "persuasive writing prompts" umpteen times in search of those prompts that would spark interest, however, it was not until I opened my email and saw izzit's current events that I found something engaging, insightful, and thought provoking to use for class reading, discussion, and persuasive writing.
Casey, 10th grade Reading/Writing, FL
I also loved the izzit teacher guide that was included with the video because these questions helped to stimulate great class discussion. Anytime you can get students actively engaged and asking questions it is a good day. Thank you izzit for making my job easier.
Allyson, 9-12th grade Government, AR
I decided to use Pennies A Day to accomplish a number of goals related to our state standards with my 4th grade class. All in all, the lessons covered ended up running the gamut of math, writing, character education, geography, government and economics. Not bad for a short 13 minute video!
Mitchell, 4th grade, all subjects, IL
izzit DVDs help students visualize complicated economic concepts.
Dana, 11-12th grade American History, IN
The greatest reward of teaching high school students is when I hear them open up their minds to ideas, places, and events outside of their current realm of knowledge. izzit.org facilitates this process in my classes because of the ingenious and relevant explorations provided with the current event articles and the DVDs.
Ann, 10-12th grade Biology, CA
The articles we have chosen in the past are so intriguing that using the articles has served two purposes for us. We use them to prepare for the PSSA and in addition we have some really intense discussion surrounding the discussion questions that are provided.
Deborah, 11th grade English, PA
There are so many benefits that your website provides to teachers that I am trying to spread the word to everyone at my school. I am very glad that I discovered izzit.org and I know that I will use it every school year.
Cheryl, 9-11th grade Chemistry, AZ
Just want to tell your staff that your website is one of the most intelligent teaching tools out there.  No "veneer" learning.  Students are actively learning to decode vocabulary through current events, complete with higher level concepts.  If more schools used this, education standards would be at an all time high.
Love your site!
Ruth, 6-8th grade Art & Computer Research, NJ
The students love the current events clips, and they usually spark a debate that often lasts most of the hour. What I love about these clips is that they make my kids think about an idea or opinion other than their own, and they also teach them that it is essential to support their own opinions if they ever expect to be taken seriously. This knowledge essentially carries over into their writing -- especially the expository essays.
Janet, 10-12th grade English, AR
You guys truly R - O - C - K our world!  Your articles allow me to meet students where they have great interest and then help pull, push and lead them to the next level. 
Tawny, 10th grade English, FL
Pennies a Day is an excellent film that demonstrates the value of microbanking. I've used it for years in my economics class when we discuss world poverty and foreign aid. The video is appropriate for all school aged children and can spark conversations both inside and outside the classroom. It is a great resource.
Shari, grades 6th, 10-12th Social Studies, Language Arts, TN
I use izzit.org in so many ways! I have an izzit.org library of DVDs that I use with my students on a regular basis. I'm a math and science teacher but what I know about economics I learned from izzit.org. I can't wait to see what izzit.org does next.
Nancy, 4-8th grade Math & Science, AZ
I watched your video "Eminent Domain" and immediately knew that it was the kind of video my students would want to see. I showed the video and the class was glued to the board. It was as if they were genuinely interested, imagine that! All in all it was a huge success in my class.
Steven, 11th grade World Cultures, PA
The DVDs we have received from the izzit program have proven the most effective resources in 4th and 5th grades since that is where the content meets the learning standards. I've shown teachers how to include video clips as interest grabbers, writing prompts, and full unit closers. We've found that they are so well produced that we can seamlessly blend them into all areas of the curriculum from social studies to music and technology.
Lu, Elementary Library/Media Specialist, GA
Every year I have enjoyed receiving a free copy of a new DVD that helps me to teach my Economics classes. I also enjoy receiving a Current Events article everyday. I don't ever remember reviewing an article and not having a spirited debate going because of it. I try to choose articles that relate to the DVDs that I've gotten from your site. I don't believe that my students would be learning anywhere near as much without the DVDs and articles. Our district curriculum is good but your materials help to make my Economics class great! Thank you and keep up the great work!
Tim, 10-12th grade Business, Technology, MN
I use the izzit.org DVDs and current events to enhance the world view of my AP English Language and Curriculum students. They have to write argumentative essays proving points. Class discussion usually gets pretty heated because students will recognize the serious issues in the world. izzit provides concrete and mature evidence for arguments for the AP test in May. Students have come back from the test and specifically told me they used examples from both videos I have, Pennies a Day and Eminent Domain.
Shari, 11-12th grade English, OK
As a teacher, I love your DVD's because they are entertaining as well as informative and just the right length for classroom use. I also appreciate the questions listed with the current events.
Michael, 9th grade American History, CA
Thanks so much for this valuable service. I use this on a regular basis for discussion and updating our students on events that impact them and our country.  The videos are very much appreciated and right on target.
Jerry, 12th grade Economics/Government, CA
When students are quiet and attentive you know you've found a winner. I love to hear the discussions continue out of the classroom and down the hall... and back in again days and weeks later!
Donna, 9-12th grade Business, IL
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