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Virtual International Field Trip - Suggested Activities

Below is a list of ten additional activities that complement our Virtual International Field Trip activity. These activities foster an even deeper understanding of each culture and what it means to be a global citizen. You can combine, modify, or simply use them as inspiration to develop your own tailored to your classroom's needs. Be creative and explore the world with your students.

  1. International Food Fair: Host an international day at the end and eat foods from different countries.
  2. World Tour T-shirt: Create your own World Tour "concert" T-shirts (Some schools have done fundraisers or secured community donors to provide students who complete the program with these optional T-shirts.)
    BONUS: Contact us via email, and we'll be happy to share a template for the T-shirts.
  3. Guest Speakers: Invite speakers from different cultural backgrounds to share their experiences, traditions, and stories with the students.
  4. Pen Pals Exchange: Facilitate a pen pals exchange program where students can correspond with peers from different countries.
  5. Virtual Cultural Exchange Sessions: Organize virtual meet-and-greet sessions with students from schools in other countries.
  6. Research Projects: Assign each student (or group of students) to a different country where you give them specific instructions on what topics they must research and present to the class, such as its history, languages spoken, national flag, etc.
  7. Cultural Quizzes and Trivia: Host virtual quizzes or trivia games based on the cultures students have learned about during the activity.
    BONUS: Most of the videos in this activity have self-grading online quizzes that students can complete online.
  8. Cultural Scavenger Hunt: Create a virtual scavenger hunt where students search for specific cultural artifacts, landmarks, or symbols within online resources related to the countries they are exploring.
  9. Cultural Film Screenings: Organize virtual film screenings of movies or documentaries that provide insights into the cultures, histories, and traditions of the countries being studied. Afterward, facilitate discussions about the themes and cultural representations in the films.
    BONUS: All our videos are accessible for streaming or download. If you missed any or need one tailored to your classroom, feel free to select accordingly.
  10. Personal Heritage Show and Tell: Encourage students to find and share an object or artifact from their cultural background and explain its significance.