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Travel the World (Virtually) with Your Students!

Have your students travel the world without ever leaving school! Use our Virtual International Fieldtrip program!

Use it over a vacation break so students keep learning. Use it for credit recovery programs. Or simply use it as part of your classroom activities!

We've digitized the passport and made it easy for you to print. Download the pdf and print it for your students. There's also a workbook for the program. It's a fillable PDF (although again, if you wish to, you could print it!) that provides student accountability for learning about each of the countries they've visited.

Want actual printed booklets from us?
(Supplies are limited! First come, first served.)

Email Marley [email protected] and tell her:

  1. How many booklets do you want?
  2. What subject area(s) and grade level(s) do you intend to use them with?
  3. Shipping address – please make sure you send a complete, correct shipping address!

Questions? Call us (888-242-0563 between 8 am — 6 pm Eastern) or email Educational Content Specialist [email protected].

izzit.org Passport Printing Instructions:

  1. Choose Landscape.
  2. Choose Full Size (or actual size) (NOT fit to page)
  3. Choose 2 sided printing, flip on SHORT side.

Fieldtrip Digital Workbook

Download Workbook

The students at this school enjoyed their virtual travel:

"This was so much fun! I have always wanted to travel to other countries and this was the next best thing!"

"I learned so much about other countries and now I can't wait to visit Peru and pet a llama!"

"I really liked learning about the people in the different countries. The food looked good and everyone seemed nice. These places weren't anything like I imagined. This makes me want to get a real passport.