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Black History Month
Black History
Celebrate Black History with izzit.org. Check out our library below.
Educational videos with full teacher's guides.
Becoming Equal Under the Law
Explore the changes in U.S. laws to be more inclusive and closer to the ideal in the Declaration of Independence... all people are created equal.
The Civil War

The Dred Scott Supreme Court case influenced the course of the Civil War.
Ida B. Wells – The Light of Truth

Woman investigative journalist fights for civil rights.
Bonus Video
The Dred Scott Story

In November 2020, izzit.org presented a unique opportunity for the students of the Big Fish Learning Center in New Hampshire who were taking a civics class taught by izzit.org's own Dean Graziano, VP of Education – a chance to learn directly from Lynne Jackson, the great-great-granddaughter of Dred and Harriet Scott. Now you can do the same!

Lynne regaled the class with little-known historical stories about her ancestors, bringing this "ancient" (and let's face it, kids think all history is ancient – as are we!) history to a direct contemporary connection. She was babysat by Harriet and Dred's daughter as a child! History is much closer than we often think!

This video is approximately 45 minutes in length, so plan on a full class period to use it. We invite you and your students to pull up a chair and enjoy this exclusive opportunity to hear more from Lynne!