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Career Technical Education
Business & Economics
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This collection of video-centered educational materials focuses on the areas of Career Technical Education and work-based learning for grades 6-12+. Explore our Courses (some accredited!), Learning Modules (structured content collections with about a week's worth of material), Teaching Units (educational videos with support materials), and Teachable Moments (short, right-to-the-point videos on one topic).
   Short, right-to-the-point videos.
Steve Forbes On Achievement - Annie Malone
Before Oprah, there was Annie Malone.
Barter & Entrepreneurship

Lady entrepreneur in Africa (Zambia) explans how barter was part of her initial business.
Birth of Video Game Biz

The history of Atari and video games.
Competition Brings Better Products

How competition allows consumers choices.
Consumer Choices Drive Price, Supply & Demand

Consumers vote with their wallets, impacting price and supply & demand.
Freewheeling Innovation

New technology in bike helmets can't be used in the U.S. Why not? Regulations.
From Idea to Business

How business incubators help entrepreneurs connect with venture capitalists and get started.
Specialization & Creative Thinking

Sometimes it takes creative thinking & determination to save an entrepreneur (or farm!)
Steve Forbes On Achievement - A.P. Giannini

A.P. Giannini built his bank by loaning money to ordinary people.
Steve Forbes On Achievement - Frank Woolworth

Frank Woolworth opened the first five-and-dime store.
Steve Forbes On Achievement - Fred Harvey

Fred Harvey, civilizer of the American West.
Steve Forbes On Achievement - George Eastman

George Eastman created the Kodak camera.
Steve Forbes On Achievement - Henry Kaiser

Henry Kaiser built roads, dams, ships–and more.
Steve Forbes On Achievement - Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover succeeded and failed with the same skills.
Steve Forbes On Achievement - J.R. Simplot

How Billionaire J.R. Simplot went from French fries to microchips.
Steve Forbes On Achievement - Malcolm McLean

Malcom McLean revolutionized the shipping industry.
Steve Forbes On Achievement - Ruth Handler

Ruth Handler created the Barbie doll.
Success on the Open Highway

1980 trucking deregulation allowed dreams to flourish.
Supply, Demand & Price

Adam Smith's Invisible Hand at work - Supply & Demand drive price.