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Women's History Month
March is Women's History Month
Celebrate Women's History Month with izzit.org. Check out our library below.
Educational videos with full teacher's guides.
Recipe for Success
Sylvia Banda knows the secret to success. She's taken her passion for food and cooking and turned it into one of the strongest food service corporations in the Afriecan Republic of Zambia.
Becoming Equal Under the Law

Explore the changes in U.S. laws to be more inclusive and closer to the ideal in the Declaration of Independence... all people are created equal.
   Short, right-to-the-point videos.
Steve Forbes On Achievement - Annie Malone
Before Oprah, there was Annie Malone.
Steve Forbes On Achievement – Ruth Handler

Ruth Handler created the Barbie doll.
Women's Suffrage and ERA

Women were granted voting rights through the 19th Amendment in 1920. Years later, the ERA wasn't ratified - Supreme Court said women already had equal rights under the Constitution.