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Format: DVD
Length: 14:00 Minutes
Grade Level: 9-12+
Closed Captioned
Price: $15.00
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Locked Out! Roots of the Arab Spring
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He just wanted to make a living.... Instead, he started the Arab Spring.

Tariq Mohamad Bouazizi sold fruits and vegetables from a pushcart in Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia. He couldn't afford the time (142 days to complete 54 procedural steps) or the money ($3,233—more than he made in a year) to register his business legally. He was Locked Out of the system.

Like the vast majority of people in the Middle East, he ran his business extra-legally and dealt with harassment from corrupt officials. On the fateful day of Dec. 17, 2010, his run-in with officials and resultant death sent shockwaves across the Middle East, plunging the region into strife and conflict as millions demanded change.

Discover the Roots of the Arab Spring—the story of Tariq Mohamad Bouazizi.
Subject Areas:
Business / Family & Consumer Science
World History / Geography
Arab Spring
Economic Freedom
Global Economy
Human Rights
Middle East and North Africa
Rule of Law
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