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Length: 15:40
Grade Level: 5-12+ | Price: $ 15.00
Closed Captioned

Can technology help them prove it's their land?

In the national forests of Gujarat, India, the tribal people have been seen as encroachers, thieves who dare to produce food for their families on land claimed by the government. Rama Bhai and his family have worked land in the Sagai village for generations.

Sagai has no electricity, no running water. No one kept records of who was farming which plots of land. So when the laws changed and they were allowed to claim the land, they faced a challenge—how could they prove they'd been farming specific plots in the past?

The technology we use to find our way to unfamiliar places came to their rescue. Learn how GPS operates, and how it, along with Google Maps, saved the day for the poorest of the poor in India.

As Seen on Public Television!

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Science & Technology

World History / Geography


Area & Perimeter

GPS & Satellites


Map Skills

Property Rights

This was a fantastic video! My students were mesmerized, and since they are familiar to some extent to GPS, it sparked a lot of interest in other ways their navigation systems could be possibly used.

Karen Binger
All - 5
Blue Grass Elementary School, Knoxville, TN

This is an awesome video and the accompanying materials are great!

Joan Pewett
Math - 10,11,12
Lancaster High School, Lancaster, VA

Very useful video. Peoples rights, land ownership, big government and modern technology combined to work together to help the people keep their land. Thank you Google Maps.

Joann Isernia
Special Education - 7
Seaman Neck Middle School, Seaford, NY

This video stimulated great discussions about the rule of law and the importance of property rights.

Mary Peak
Social Studies - 7
Timberview Middle School, Colorado Springs, CO

I thought this was a great video! Who could imagine that GPS could be used to benefit tribal peoples who have never had an opportunity to even map their property. I was amazed that the electronics and GPS worked without electricity even. This seemed to be a giant step for mankind!

Phyllis Wright
All - 8
S. H. Rider High School , Wichita Falls, TX

This was a really good video. It really helps show how modern technology can be used to strengthen a cultural base, instead of always hindering.

Salena Wakim
Social Studies - Other
Homeschool, Wildomar, CA

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